About us

We are authorized Liquigas- Friulanagas, Publigas, Trivengas, San Marco and Beyfin dealers of gas cylinders for domestic use, 

with home delivery service 7 days a week.

The size we service are: 3- 5 - 10 - 15 - 20 - 25 - 62 kg.
Available cylinders to choose from LPG, BUTANE and PROPANE 

also in BBox fiberglass containers.
We carry out the collection service for unused cylinders.

Co2 cylinders food-grade

Our services include the resale and refilling of Co2 cylinders for sparkling water dispensers.

We have different formats: 

425g - 1 kg - 2kg - 4 kg - 5 kg - 10 kg

Catalytic infrared heaters

A safe heating system that does not require the installation of the flue. These stoves are LPG powered and are equipped with high standards of efficiency and energy saving.

SUPPLY for outdoor gas stoves

Ideal for heating your outdoor space efficiently so you can fully enjoy it all year round.  

We offer 7 days a week refueling service, with free return of empty goods and home delivery service.

Gas tank on loan of FREE USE

Contact us or discover in the shops our proposals for tanks on loan of
free use for homes.

We organize buying groups

5-15 Global Energy in Padua
Together to save and pay less
Call us or visit us in store to find out more.


Electricity is a precious resource, but from the intelligent use of energy sources we offer you the sustainable energy solution designed specifically for your family. Call us or visit us in store for more information.

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Via Adriatica 66

Shop hours: 
Monday to Friday: 7.00- 22.30
Saturday: 7.00 - 21.30
Sunday: 8.00- 21.00

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If you are tired of paying high gas bills,
we can help you!

Gas cylinders or gas tanks make you independent of conventional energy sources.